With Winter Comes Increased Energy Use. Pacific Power Is Here To Help!

Whether you run your business out of your home, operate a storefront where customers come and go throughout the day, or run a small production business, higher bills during the winter months can happen because of extra energy use. Pacific Power has a few ways to help.

If you need more time to pay your bill, you can quickly and easily request a payment extension on our website. For more predictable billing, we offer equal pay to most non-residential customers. As long as you have one metered electric service associated with your account, you are probably eligible for enrollment in equal pay. With an equal pay plan, we divide your total account balance into 12 installments, so your payments remain the same amount for the duration of the plan.

Pacific Power also offers ways for our non-residential customers to be proactive, conscientious energy consumers. Through our Energy Profiler Online, you can track energy usage versus your budget, find energy issues that may be wasting money, manage monthly demand charges, and measure the effectiveness of your energy efficiency projects.

Businesses can also opt-in to energy benchmarking programs such as Pacific Power’s Resource Advisor. This energy efficiency tracking program is designed to empower participants through the power of data. We provide you with historical aggregated energy use data to help you setup and monitor energy benchmarking for your commercial building. Your power usage is then automatically transferred to ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® each month. Resource Advisor gives building managers and property owners insight into energy use patterns so they can make informed energy efficiency decisions on the performance of their buildings.

If you’re looking to create certainty around your energy bill, utilize energy usage tools built specifically for non-residential customers, or want to make long-term energy efficiency upgrades, Pacific Power is here to partner with you to achieve your energy goals.

Follow these handy links to learn more about these programs:

Equal Pay

Energy Profiler Online

Resource Advisor