Wings Mural

The City of Dallas is excited to celebrate Oregon’s motto Alis Volat Propiis, She flies with her own wings, with a unique and creative opportunity for the entire community.

A collaboration between local businesses, local artists and the City of Dallas. The project is designed to feature fresh new art from our local community.

The City of Dallas is looking for art entries for their City Wings mural project. All entries will be in an art show in fall 2019. Winning entries will become murals around Dallas. By use of negative space City of Dallas hopes to create an interactive experience for the community and the people who visit our lovely town. The wings will be separated by a human-sized space so as to invite people to step in between them and share their picture on social media.

“With interactive art, you don’t just look at it; you step in front of it and become something else,” Moreland, artist of Corvallis “Buteo Jamaicensis”

This contest consists of four age categories. Each age will be voted on via Facebook on the Dallas Community Bulletin Board and the City of Dallas pages ultimately determining three winners from each group. Twelve entries in total will be selected and painted around the community in spring 2020. Groups include kindergarten, fifth grade, sixth through eighth grade, ninth through twelfth grade, and adults.

While no official decision has been made there is also a discussion of the runner ups being placed inside local businesses. This would be in the hopes to create a treasure hunt for tourists, and attract business to our local shops.

Design entry period begins November 1st and runs until January 17th. Community voting will begin January 18th and runs until March 15th. Winners will be announced at the March 18th City Council meeting.

If you are interested pick up a submission sheet from City Hall, the City of Dallas website, or Facebook. For any questions you may have or if you have a wall that you would like to donate to the Wings Mural please contact AJ at

Happy art making!