Why Join the Chamber? Reason # 23,563

At this point, you’ve built a stellar website, and got your local rankings in place. Congratulations! Pat yourself on the back because you’ve taken the most important steps to get your internet marketing on the right track.

So what now? You sit back and wait for the calls to roll in? Yes… and no. While your phone will start ringing a lot more, there are still steps you can take to boost your SEO and get more high-quality calls.

One way you can bolster your online presence is to join your local Chamber of Commerce. If you’re not familiar, a Chamber of Commerce is a group dedicated to protecting and promoting the local business community.

Keep reading to find out specifics on how joining your local Chamber of Commerce can impact your Google rankings on local searches. This ultimately helps potential customers find you through organic searches.

Gain credibility with customers and Google. Most customers don’t just want a low price. Discerning homeowners are searching for a company that has a strong reputation. By joining a local Chamber of Commerce, you can better attract the attention of quality customers. While you’re gaining credibility within your area, you’re also gaining credibility on search engines like Google. These search engines look at Chamber memberships as a sign that you are operating as a real business, involved with the local community.

Build valuable links. As a member of your local Chamber of Commerce, you also get to be listed on their website, which provides a valuable backlink to your website. Backlinks from credible organizations help boost your ranking on Google, ultimately helping more people in the area find your business through organic search. So now the decision is up to you.

While you will have to invest a couple hundred dollars on an annual membership, it is money well spent in the long run. Get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce to join if you haven’t already… it’s time to start reaping the benefits.