Village Missions

In 1912, an evangelist named Walter Duff moved his family from Ireland to the United States. As a young man, Walter Duff Jr. Joined in his father’s evangelism efforts and went on to pastor his own large church. However, through the prompting of both his father and his sister, Helen Duff Baugh (founder of Stonecroft Ministries), Walter Duff Jr. committed to spend the rest of his life recruiting and sending out of missionaries to country churches without leadership.

On September 9, 1948, Village Missions was born, a ministry dedicated to sending out missionaries to rural communities across North America with the gospel or Christ. Rev. Walter Duff Sr. challenged his son to “send out 100 missionary pastors to rural North America.” Rev. Duff Jr. directed the sending out of over 600 missionaries during his lifetime. Since 1948, Village Missions has served a variety of rural and urban communities across the United States and Canada. God continues to call them to send out dedicated, called, and gifted Village Missionaries to “Preach the Word and love the people.” Today, Village Missions has 230 Village Missionaries currently serving across the North America. Only heaven can measure the impact this ministry has had on individual lives, communities, churches and the world.

Village Missions values the placement of full-time, spiritually qualified missionary pastor by invitation of the local people as the primary means of developing spiritually vital country churches. They support their missionary pastors financially and offer District Representatives to help encourage them as well. Village Missions values an approach to ministry that proclaims and demonstrates the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is evangelistic, relational, and involved in community life. A focused approach of reaching people in rural communities of North America- places without an ongoing demonstration of the gospel is important to Village Missions. They value a long-term approach that enables rural churches that have reached financial stability to collaborate with them in helping other rural churches, while receiving leadership and encouragement from them. Village Missions values Christian character, specifically integrity, Christ-like love, humility, and faith, in all that they do as a mission and as individuals in their mission. They are committed to the Word of God for all that there are and all that they do.

Village Missions strives to utilize all of their resources to support our church communities when they are in need. Thank you Village Missions for your hard work.