The Future Starts Now

Ever look back and think about the things you should have done? What life could have been like if you or someone else would have done something differently? Well STOP IT! Someone recently spoke to me in a way that I needed to hear. He said “Quit playing the blame game, it kills progress in life. Blame lives in the past and keeps you from accomplishing your best future when you’re living in the past.” Blaming one’s self or others will accomplish nothing to reach goals for the future.

When a martial artist breaks a board his or her focus is not on the board, rather he focuses past the board or through the board. It is the same when we are seeking to accomplish a task of any magnitude. When we encounter struggles of many kinds we must not focus on the issue at hand but continue to focus on the goal. 

So in our pursuits, we must continue to keep the focus of our mind’s eye on the prize to which we’ve committed. Be committed, get there, ‘break through the board’!  As every corporate trainer or motivational speaker has spoken at some point, ‘plan the work, work the plan’.