2 National Holidays Today you should pay attention to

There’s a common misperception that Chamber of Commerce people don’t like to have fun.  They’re stuffy and just really like the good ol’ boys club.  Well I thought I’d attempt to prove otherwise.  There are some weird holidays out there every year.  And some are worth celebrating and enjoying.  We even think that by enjoying these holidays you can support your local economy and increase your business acumen.

National Double Cheeseburger Day – go get yourself a BURGER!  It’s a requirement on a day like this.  Stop in at Washington Street Steakhouse & Pub, West Valley Taphouse, Spirit Mountain Casino or Blue Garden Restaurant and enjoy one of their delicious burgers and wash it down with a milkshake, soda or craft brew.  My mouth is watering already.

National Online Learning Day – time to add to your knowledge.  Today is the day you register for an online class of your choice through Chemeketa Community College, Western Oregon University or SBDC.  There’s so much learning to do you just have to decide what you want to learn next and do it in the comfort of your home.  Homework in your pajamas, been there done that, bought the T-Shirt.

See, we like fun.

Western Oregon University

I recently had the distinct privilege of meeting with Western Oregon University President, Dr. Rex Fuller.  We sat in his office with a giant library of gently used books showered me with the knowledge that I was truly in Academia.  Dr. Fuller began by asking about me, but I was more curious about his University.  With Dallas holding dear our closest University I wanted to know more about this place that I have known peripherally for decades.

Without batting an eye, except to let his eyes twinkle with joy, he shared some interesting factoids about WOU.  As I sipped coffee from my marbled WOU mug I listed as this man described the pains of modern university growth but the joy and wisdom in his voice as he described how WOU is going about their building process.  He shared the pocket-sized strategic plan and these were the great things I found out about our own local University:
Together we Achieve:
Western Oregon University is a place for students to Cultivate academic success and streamlines university requirements and academic pathways to graduation.
Together we Learn:
WOU will promote academic excellence in an engaged student-focused learning environment through student, faculty, community and staff initiatives
Together we Engage:
Create meaningful opportunities for lasting partnerships with local communities and regional and global organizations.
Together we Lead:
Promote teamwork and transparency in budgeting, decision-making and the stewardship of resources
Together we Thrive:
Promote effective university stewardship of educational, environmental, financial, human and technological resources
Together we Succeed:
Promote effective university stewardship of educational, environmental, financial, human and technological resources.

For more information on getting connected to Western Oregon University please visit them online at http://www.wou.edu/.