Dallas Cinema – Movie Theater Day

In honor of Movie Theater Day we wanted to take a look at one of our historical community member; Dallas Cinema.

When the Dallas Cinema, originally named the Rio, opened is unknown. We do know that the theater was originally positioned in the rear of the building with a furniture store where the current auditorium and snack bar area. You can still see the original architect behind the coffee shop and paint store, where the projection booth was located.

Sadly, in 1948 disaster struck when the furniture store caught fire and the Rio closed. During that time of remodeling, the Rio gained its current configuration that we know and love. When Ron Burch took over both the Rio and the Motor Vu in 1949 he made some changes. Among them was changing the name from The Rio Theater to Fox Theatre. The second was to change the schedules for both of the theaters to run simultaneously; season permitting. Since then the Dallas Cinema has gone through many changes, including another name change in 2017, but they have kept their historic small town feel intact.

Many of us have enjoyed visiting the local theatre, and in a time of rising movie ticket costs, we appreciate the folks at Dallas Cinema all the more. They continue to bring us the latest box-office hits while keeping costs reasonable. Recently they have also updated their menu to account for changing demands, and customers have responded enthusiastically with feedback. Thanks to all their hard work, a night on the town with the family is still possible without breaking the bank.

“We had a great time at the sing-a-long version of The Great Showman! So happy to have a theater that is willing to give us another way to enjoy a movie!”

“Watched The Last Jedi and really enjoyed it. The sound was great (and I’m really picky about sound). I didn’t get any food but the prices appeared to be good.
Price of admission is the best in the valley.”

“This theater is one of the oldies. Good popcorn and fun atmosphere to see a movie old or new. We have been there many times, and the small concession stand reminds me of a young child going to the movies. It’s clean, and comfortable too.”