Child Care Resources & Referral

Child Care Resource and Referral strives to strengthen our community by supporting early childhood professionals, providing leadership in the field and by promoting access to high quality child care experiences for all children and families inclusive of every race, ethnicity, language, gender, age, ability or income level.

Every child and family should have access to high quality, culturally relevant child care and all early learning teachers inclusive of every race, ethnicity, language, gender, age, ability or income level should be professionals earning a fair and sustainable wage with access to high quality professional development, support and resources. This is the vision that Child Care Resource and Referral strives towards.

Child Care Resource and Referral provides opportunities for educators and child care providers to expand on their knowledge, as well as support in starting and running a child care business. They inform providers about the current licensing requirements specific to the field that they are in, and connect them with ways to meet those regulations. Newsletters geared towards educators and providers are released quarterly. These newsletters are full of information like changes in class prices, regulations, upcoming conferences, funding resources, and also includes fun things to do with the children such as themed songs or activities.

For families searching for reliable and safe child care CCR&R provides information not only to put you in contact with local child care providers, but what to look for from these providers. They want to ensure that families are finding the best fit for their needs and with a simple table are able to break down what kind there are, and how that translates over with safety regulations. In an effort to provide safe child care fore everyone they even provide a resource link to help in paying for a child care provider.

Child Care Resources and Referral would not be able to provide this assistance and education to the community without the help of their trainers. Their website is full of information about how to become a trainer with Child Care Resources and Referral, training resources to continue their education, and events for trainers to participate and connect with other trainers.

Child Care Resources and Referral knows how important it is to parts that our children are safe, and in the best care possible while we are at work. They continue to strive endlessly to provide everyone with the information needed to make a wise decision, and with the abilities to provide a safe environment for our children. As a parent, I thank you for your hard work.

Made in Dallas Oregon USA – MAK Grills

MAK Grills Whiskey Grilling Sauce recently came into 2nd place in the largest barbecue sauce competition on the planet. Out of 134 entries in the Mild Tomato Barbecue Sauce Category, MAK’s Whiskey Grilling sauce came in second in the category. The American Royal Barbecue Sauce competition has been held annually since 1987. This year, 388 different sauces in 5 categories were entered into the contest.

In overall rankings, MAK’s Whiskey Grilling Sauce was 12th out of 388 sauces entered.

In April, MAK Grills 1 Star General model was awarded Best Backyard Smoker by Grills are selected based on quality, features, performance and value. This is the 6th year in a row that the 1 Star has been included in this who’s who of barbecue listing. is the most visited barbecue website in the world getting more than 1 million page views each month. For cooking suggestions or to see a MAK Grill in action you can log onto their website,, or Facebook page, and watch their cooking videos.

MAK Grills is headquartered in Dallas and since 2009 has been manufacturing an award-winning line up of high quality pellet grills. One look at a MAK grill and you will instantly see they are miles ahead of the competition on quality and innovative features. MAK Grills is owned by a veteran husband and wife team who firmly believe in buying and selling American-made products and providing earning wage jobs for employees. They are the most award winning grill manufacturer in the country. There are MAK Grill owners in EVERY state of the Union.

Congratulations MAK Grills on your award winning Whiskey Grilling Sauce. I can’t wait to try some!

“As an owner, I love the results and use the MAK nearly every weekend outside even during the winter months to smoke pork butts, brisket, and ribs, or to grill fish, burgers, chicken, tenderloins, etc. Thank you for making such a high quality product.”

“I am very impressed with the packaging of the MAK and the shipping company you used. Both are top notch. My other grill is a Primo. I purchased the MAK to do long cooks so that I can have more free time. I really enjoy the ease of cooking on this pellet grill.”

Zen Thai & Sushi

Today is Eat What You Want Day and to me that means something healthy and tasty. Zen Thai & Sushi is one of Dallas’ go-to restaurants.

Many in Dallas were cautiously optimistic when news of this restaurant’s impending opening reached us. Many of us love Thai and sushi but are not always willing to make the trip to another town to get it. However, finding good authentic food can be a challenge. And Dallas, we have not been disappointed.

Recently opened the beginning of 2017 Zen Thai & Sushi has gained the support of the community quickly. Ranked 4.9 on Facebook, and 3 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor many of their customers leave with a nice full stomach, and a happy pallet.

Zens new website is now up and running with a full menu display. They are happy to announce that they also now serve alcohol with a happy hour special added to their weekly specials.

Go in and try them for yourselves. I recommend the Pad Thai and Spring Rolls.

“The food is always delicious, and the servers are friendly. Personally, you can have the best food in the world but if your staff is rude I won’t be back, and vice versa. We continue to come back to Zen Thai & Sushi on a regular basis.”

“We stopped by randomly on our way home to Portland and so glad we did. The severs were friendly and attentive and the food was amazing! Who would have thought that a small town like Dallas, OR would have cuisine like this. If your passing by I highly recommend Zen, it’s a hidden gem!”


MV Advancements

In November of 1985, Terry started working at Western Oregon University as an assistant to the grounds crew to keep the campus clean. He was introduced to this job through the Central School District as part of a “basic life skills” class he was a part of. Over the many years Terry has worked with WOU, he has developed natural supports in his life and has continued his work with WOU working closely with his original supervisor that hired him. Andrew Wallace, Terry’s job coach from MV Advancements, has been working with Terry for over the past 4 years to help him successfully reach his personal goals and fade from coaching. As of April 1st Terry is independent and successfully employed in the community.

For more than 50 years MV Advancements has helped adults with disabilities through innovative approaches and caring responsive staff. This allows them to serve hundreds of clients through an ever-evolving set of services. In Employment Services, they match business needs with individuals’ strengths and capacities, resulting in a long-term win-win for both the employer and the employee. In Residential and Community Inclusion, they support individuals to meet and exceed their own personal goals of growth and development so they can live a fulfilling life.

MV Advancements is overseen by a dedicated group of community members, business leaders, and educators. The board’s vision is to continue to honor the intentions of their founder and pioneer Margaret Reavis Larsen.

Founded in 1966 by Margaret Reavis Larsen as Mid-Valley Workshop, their primary focus was job-training. Under Margaret’s guidance, care and leadership Mid-Valley Workshop expanded its services to include housing and community activity programs. In 1993 the organization was renamed as Mid-Valley Rehabilitation to reflect this breadth of services.

If you would like to get involved with MV Advancements there are several ways you can volunteer or give. Their volunteer program has three tiers with different aims. Ambassadors who work to increase their network in the community. Mission volunteers spend time regularly engaging with MV Advancements through tailor-made experiences. Finally, Legacy volunteers who give one on one interaction with supported individuals. Volunteers are also needed for instructing or assisting, reading tutors or those willing to participate in a scheduled reading time with active listeners, chaperones, or simply people to help organize and support fundraising efforts and community events. If you are interested in volunteering, donating or assisting in any way we encourage you to contact MV Advancements.

MV Advancements has recently pitched their expansion plan with the hopes of better being able to serve our community as well as others in need. Good luck MV Advancements, we look forward to hearing about what you’ll be doing next.

Lost Sock Memorial Day

It’s time. You’ve held on to them in hopes that their partner would come back, but today we accept the inevitable. It’s time to say goodbye to all of the single socks, the ones where their mates have been lost to the unknown.

Where do all the missing socks go? Is there a washing machine heaven? Perhaps within the washer, there is some form of strange Kraken like creature that exists that eats them, and only left one? Is there some kind of vortex created within the whirl of hot air and tumbling wet clothes that exists within the dryer? These are the questions that people have been trying to solve for many centuries. An answer may never be found to this problem, and life will go on. How sad to have lost such a close-knit friend!

Of course, since before the dawn of Tupperware, inventors have attempted the prevention of such separation anxiety. Alas, if they had succeeded mismatched socks wouldn’t be popular today and we wouldn’t have National Sock Memorial Day. The history stretches back through the history of knitted footwear through every culture and nation until it finally disappears at the most glorious (and yet soon to be vexing) moment when the first pair of socks were created. The first Lost Sock Memorial Day was held two days later when Og failed to find the sock his cave mother-in-law knitted for him, doubtless, it had been eaten by a mammoth. No matter how hard you try to keep pairs of socks together, invariably one of them ventures out into the netherworld never to be found again.

Now is the time to let go and move on. Clean out all of your left behind socks. Make sock puppets or recycle those old socks by reusing them as dust rags! Create a sock bouquet! Place them on the bottom of chairs, and tables to prevent scratching during moving or rearranging. Cut apart and use as tie strips for the garden. Have a moment of silence for all the socks you have lost, then spend the day making sock monkeys. Give them a new life and get creative!

Washington Street Steakhouse & Pub

Congratulations to Washington Street Steakhouse & Pub! We are so excited to announce that they have won in 2018 Best of the Mid-Valley Awards! However, they won not one award but NINE awards in total!

Washington Street Steakhouse won Gold in Best Dallas Bar, Best Dallas Restaurant, Best Reason to Visit Dallas, and our own Melanie Woods won Gold in Best Local Server. They also took home Silver in Best Steak and Bronze in Best Burger. But let’s not forget the faces behind these delicious meals. Barbara Witham won Best Local Server as well. Adam Hoefler was awarded Best Local Chef, as our taste buds will attest to, and Mary Hoefler won Best Local Bartender.

Washington Street Steakhouse has been a cornerstone member of our community for years. They are a restaurant that still manages to bring home that small town feeling. As shown above, they put an emphasis not only on serving great food, but serving it with delightful customer service. They also try to incorporate local businesses when possible, like serving Eola Hills wines!

If you would like a chance to indulge in some wonderful cooking, and wonderful people then they have a few events coming up for you to take advantage of. This Sunday is Mother’s Day! If cooking isn’t your strong suit then enjoy a meal with them, no reservations necessary. They will even be giving out free flowers to mom while supplies last! If your Mother’s Day plans are already made then visit them July 21st for their 19th Anniversary Luau Party. The party will last from 6am till 11pm!

One customer had this to say:

“My wife and I were looking for a lunch stop in Dallas when she saw this place as we drove by. I’m glad we stopped as this place rocks.  My wife had the turkey wrap which was huge. She said it was very good and fresh. I had the corned beef hash breakfast. I’m kind of a connoisseur when it comes to corned beef hash. This place by far makes the best CBH I have ever eaten. Not from the can here!  Let’s not forget the great homemade biscuit. Yum!  The service was great so we will be back!”

Why do you do it?

Many questions are asked regarding the big question WHY? What’s interesting is that simple word helps to define so much of what we do in life. If someone asks you why you work where you work or why you do what you do for work, what do you tell them? When kids ask ‘why’ for everything that occurs we have answers, sometimes we have to resort to quantum physics to get the answer but there is an answer to their question of why.

But sometimes, the answer is not so available. The deeper questions of the universe, at times, don’t allow us to know exactly why things are the way they are. We may or may not be able to know the answers to these bigger questions of why. Mysterious isn’t it. So what’s the point? My point is that we can only control our own ‘why’. We can only determine what we determine to do and then be determined to do it. The haunting question behind what we do is why we do it. Martin Luther King Jr. Gave the “I have a dream” speech. He did not give an ‘I have a 7 step plan’ speech.

People join and become a part of great things because of why those things are done. This is because the ‘why’ is an underlying purpose that grips the heart of a person and compels them to gravitate toward something great. This can be something great for themselves, something great for their family, or even something great for all people. The ‘why’ within us drives us to how we will deliver on what we will desire to share or become or do or have.

Start with the question, why. When you know why you can picture what it looks like when you get there. When you can picture what it looks like to get there, you can determine the how. When you have the why and the how, anything is possible.

Batman Day – May 1

May 1st is Batman Day. This unofficial holiday celebrates and honors one of the world’s most well-known comic book superhero. While the origins of this holiday are unknown, the general consensus is that the day commemorates the date in 1939 when the crime fighter made his debut in the Detective Comics #27.

In this first story, the Caped Crusader was introduced to readers as Bruce Wayne, a rich socialite who fought crime in the fictional city Gotham City – often in brutal ways. As subsequent issues of Detective Comics was introduced, different parts of what would become the Batman legend would become revealed. For example, in July of 1939, readers saw Batman use his utility belt for the first time. In September of that year, readers were introduced to his Bat Plane, as well as one of his primary weapons – the Batarang. In November of 1939, readers were introduced to his origin story – the killing of his parents by a mugger.

In the April 1940, issue of Detective Comics (#38), Dick Grayson was introduced as Robin the Boy Wonder. According to Robin’s origin story, he was a circus performer who was orphaned when his parents were killed by a gangster. Once Robin had joined up with Batman, however, the stories began to change. He transformed from a vigilante who often murdered the criminals he apprehended into more of a father figure to Robin.

In 1940, Batman was given his own comic, although he still continued to be featured in the Detective Comics series. This first issue of Batman introduced readers to both the Joker and The Cat (who would later be known as Catwoman). Since then Batman has enjoyed infamy with the Batman original series, several animated series’, and more than a dozen feature-length movies- with more being added all the time.

How to Celebrate?

  • Like us, most you of you probably do not need an excuse to revisit your favorite Batman comics, but if you do, today is a good day to do some marathon Batman comic reading.
  • Wear a cape and go to work in your Batman costume. Your boss and coworkers will get a kick
  • Watch any of the several Batman movies out there with family and friends. Maybe you could combine it with a Batman themed costume party? Tell all your guests to come dressed as a Batman comics character.

Did You Know?

That Melbourne, Australia was very briefly called Batmania? It was named after explorer John Batman.

Member Spotlight – Fowler Homes

Fowler Homes has been building homes for over a decade, specializing in luxury custom homes, homes for active adult living and affordable-style housing.  As an off shoot of the James W. Fowler Company, Heavy Civil Contractors and Tunneling Contractors, you can be certain that your home is backed by a reputable company.

James W. Fowler co. was founded in 1972 by James and Candace Fowler. Beginning with a single bulldozer, Jim began building logging and farming roads in the Coast Range. With additional growth came the opportunity for larger projects located throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

Today, James W. Fowler Co. is a diversified general contractor providing heavy civil and tunneling construction solutions for clients across North America. Since their inception, they have based their business on three core values; Excellence, Integrity, and Service with regard to their clients, subcontractors, and employees.

Not only is Fowler Homes dedicated to building quality homes, but we are also involved in land development and other ventures creating viable neighborhoods to better communities.

Their greatest desire is that your Fowler built home will exceed your expectations and be…

“Your Home for Living!”

“There are not words, absolutely no words, to express what we feel. All our lives we have trusted people and been screwed. Finally, we decided not to let that happen again so we trusted, however questioned everything you did. You took the brunt of our 48 years of mistrust. You always stayed patient and explained everything. You and everyone you put us in contact with were such a blessing to us. When God blesses it is beyond comprehension. If you build a spec house in the neighborhood, please know that you can send any potential client our way and we will sing your praises.”

“Julie and I are very excited about the house and can’t wait to move in! It literally is exactly what we were looking for in a home and met every criteria we set before we started looking… and MORE! I have dealt with thousands of builders over the years and your company’s dedication to excellence and customer service is becoming more the exception than the norm in this industry.”

Bugs Bunny Day


Bugs Bunny first appeared in a short film “Porky’s Hare Hunt” on April 30, 1938 as theater audiences awaited their feature presentation, and has since been enjoyed by millions of viewers. Bugs bunny is the famous cartoon character best remembered for his popular catchphrase “Eh, what’s up, doc?” For many of us just this sight of our long eared friend brings back fond Saturday morning childhood memories as he tormented his fellow Looney Toons characters, mainly Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, or Yosemite Sam.

As a young performer wet behind the floppy ears, much of his film work was uncredited. He sometimes appeared under the stage name “Happy Rabbit.” But, you know what they say. If it looks like Bugs Bunny, and talks like Bugs Bunny, and moves like Bugs Bunny… then it is Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny finally shared his true identity in the credits of January 1941’s tour de force, “Elmers Pet Rabbit,” perhaps at the urging of his costar, Elmer Fudd. This is also when people first heard Bugs Bunny famous line, and the audience loved it. Since then this dynamic duo have often featured together, and even welcomed a third member, Daffy Duck in 1957.

Since his debut, Bugs Bunny has appeared in various short films, feature films, compilations, TV series, music records, comic books, video games, award shows, amusement park rides, and commercials. He has also appeared in more films than any other cartoon character, was made an honorary Marine master sergeant during World War II, is the ninth most-portrayed film personality in the world, and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bugs Bunny has proven that with hard work and tenacity there is nothing you can not accomplish if you put your mind to it.

While his appearance has “evolved” over the years, Bugs Bunny has always denied the rumors of plastic surgery, Botox or fillers. He attributes his agelessness to a healthy diet, long hops on the beach, and his judicious use of lighthearted ridicule.

Happy Bugs Bunny Day, and we look forward to many more years with our beloved rabbit.