Cap and Trade – Carbon Issue

It is our observation that all bets are off on ‘Cap and Trade.’ Proponents are going to force a vote. The assurances of Senate leadership that ‘Cap and Trade’ will not move in 2018 are now being softened and walked back.

The Bill “Requires Environmental Quality Commission to adopt by rule program that places a cap on greenhouse gas emissions and that provides market-based mechanism for covered entities to demonstrate compliance.”

The reality is, adopting California’s cap-and-trade system would mean Oregon chasing its manufacturing and energy-intensive industries away just like California has since 2013. When California’s cap-and-trade system went into effect, California’s manufacturing sector suffered, leading to fewer manufacturing jobs. Outside of California’s wealthy enclaves, unemployment rates rocketed above national averages.

Oregon has already adopted strict new climate policies on transportation and electricity generation, from a Low Carbon Fuel Standard, which could add $.15 to the cost of a gallon of fuel, to directing Oregon’s largest utilities to divest entirely from coal. These groundbreaking climate policies need time to work without the burden of California’s cap-and-trade scheme.

We can’t continue to tell ourselves this is a non-issue in 2018.  We need to TAKE ACTION NOW.


The video and advocacy page – – need to be spread to every chamber and every chamber member throughout the state ASAP. Every local business needs to send a note to their legislator to oppose cap and trade now.

This issue affects us all.  Let our elected officials know how you’d like them to proceed.