Bugs Bunny Day


Bugs Bunny first appeared in a short film “Porky’s Hare Hunt” on April 30, 1938 as theater audiences awaited their feature presentation, and has since been enjoyed by millions of viewers. Bugs bunny is the famous cartoon character best remembered for his popular catchphrase “Eh, what’s up, doc?” For many of us just this sight of our long eared friend brings back fond Saturday morning childhood memories as he tormented his fellow Looney Toons characters, mainly Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, or Yosemite Sam.

As a young performer wet behind the floppy ears, much of his film work was uncredited. He sometimes appeared under the stage name “Happy Rabbit.” But, you know what they say. If it looks like Bugs Bunny, and talks like Bugs Bunny, and moves like Bugs Bunny… then it is Bugs Bunny. Bugs Bunny finally shared his true identity in the credits of January 1941’s tour de force, “Elmers Pet Rabbit,” perhaps at the urging of his costar, Elmer Fudd. This is also when people first heard Bugs Bunny famous line, and the audience loved it. Since then this dynamic duo have often featured together, and even welcomed a third member, Daffy Duck in 1957.

Since his debut, Bugs Bunny has appeared in various short films, feature films, compilations, TV series, music records, comic books, video games, award shows, amusement park rides, and commercials. He has also appeared in more films than any other cartoon character, was made an honorary Marine master sergeant during World War II, is the ninth most-portrayed film personality in the world, and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bugs Bunny has proven that with hard work and tenacity there is nothing you can not accomplish if you put your mind to it.

While his appearance has “evolved” over the years, Bugs Bunny has always denied the rumors of plastic surgery, Botox or fillers. He attributes his agelessness to a healthy diet, long hops on the beach, and his judicious use of lighthearted ridicule.

Happy Bugs Bunny Day, and we look forward to many more years with our beloved rabbit.