Sunny Oaks Inc.

Dedicated to serving the special needs communities of Marion and Polk counties in Oregon since 1973, Sunny Oaks, Inc. is a values-based, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has ten homes, and currently serves over 60 individuals.

Since 1973, Sunny Oaks has been dedicated to providing care and services for people with I.DD. By hiring and training a staff that is focused on the well-being and personal growth of each customer, Sunny Oaks maintains a value-based organization that stands out in many ways. Sunny Oaks offers 10 residential programs and Community Inclusion, offering a diverse and rich platform for individuality and person freedom of choice.

Sunny Oaks supports opportunities to have “exercised authority and responsibility” over one’s “chosen programs” resulting in new life skills, meaningful relationships of one’s own choosing, fulfillment of expanded dreams and goals, independence and interdependence, and, mostly, individually defined happiness.

They believe all people should have the power to control one’s own life to the fullest potential. Sunny Oaks recognizes each person’s right and need to make choices. They will strive to support people to identify and express those choices. Sunny Oaks realizes the value of informed choices that include dignity of risk. They also believe in inclusion, integration and participation in the community to the degree desired by the person. The support a person’s authority, autonomy, and privacy in all interactions. Sunny Oaks will, in all their interactions, engage with the person as they would with anyone else, from a friendly and supportive adult-to-adult approach that respects and empowers the person. They will talk to the person and not around the person or as if the person is not present. They will knock on the doors to the person’s house, to the person’s room, and will ask permission to enter, for one example. Sunny Oaks staff must respect a person’s space, the person’s presence or absence, the person’s dreams and goals, and realize that they are the guests and they are the ones that must ask for permission and be on their best behavior.

Sunny Oaks, while being both operationally and fiscally responsible, strives to be mindful and heartfelt in creating warm, safer, caring “integrated” environments and activities that meet the needs of the customer.

Sunny Oaks envisions a world where Sunny Oaks Inc. is a provider of choice and where people “are highly regarded, able to access more than adequate resources, have control over one’s own life, and are supported by fairly compensated and well-trained, proactive, person centered staff”.

“We know who we are, but know not what we may be”

– William Shakespeare