National Appreciate a Dragon Day

January 16th, is National Appreciate a Dragon Day and we are so lucky to be home of the Dragons. Dallas High School students work hard to contribute to our community, and ensure future growth in Dallas. Some of Dallas High students have even been recognized by their community and have won the Junior First Citizens Award. But they cannot do it alone.

We are blessed to live in a community where so many citizens take time out of their day to give back. From volunteering on boards, to volunteering in the classroom. Some have made it their life work to educate the future generation. Superintendent Michelle Johnstone released this letter in the school paper:

Dear Dallas Community,

The Oregon School Boards Association has set aside the month of January to honor the unpaid elected volunteers who serve on Oregon’s 197 local school boards, our 19 education service district boards, and our 17 community college boards. These dedicated local leaders give their personal time and energy to handling the critical tasks of budgeting and overseeing the management of Oregon’s public education structure.

For Dallas School District we have five directors who lead our district and bring collectively 44 years of experience! Please join us in recognizing and celebrating the Dallas Board of Directors; Michael Blanchard, Michael Bollman, Dave Hunt, Matt Posey, and Jon Woods. We greatly appreciate their leadership, time, expertise, and always asking the question; “Is it good for kids?” Thank you Dallas community for selecting great leaders!

Michelle Johnstone


So this January 16th, don’t forget to appreciate a Dragon, or Dragon supporter. On behalf of the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center we appreciate Dallas High School students, and those that stand behind them.