MV Advancements

In November of 1985, Terry started working at Western Oregon University as an assistant to the grounds crew to keep the campus clean. He was introduced to this job through the Central School District as part of a “basic life skills” class he was a part of. Over the many years Terry has worked with WOU, he has developed natural supports in his life and has continued his work with WOU working closely with his original supervisor that hired him. Andrew Wallace, Terry’s job coach from MV Advancements, has been working with Terry for over the past 4 years to help him successfully reach his personal goals and fade from coaching. As of April 1st Terry is independent and successfully employed in the community.

For more than 50 years MV Advancements has helped adults with disabilities through innovative approaches and caring responsive staff. This allows them to serve hundreds of clients through an ever-evolving set of services. In Employment Services, they match business needs with individuals’ strengths and capacities, resulting in a long-term win-win for both the employer and the employee. In Residential and Community Inclusion, they support individuals to meet and exceed their own personal goals of growth and development so they can live a fulfilling life.

MV Advancements is overseen by a dedicated group of community members, business leaders, and educators. The board’s vision is to continue to honor the intentions of their founder and pioneer Margaret Reavis Larsen.

Founded in 1966 by Margaret Reavis Larsen as Mid-Valley Workshop, their primary focus was job-training. Under Margaret’s guidance, care and leadership Mid-Valley Workshop expanded its services to include housing and community activity programs. In 1993 the organization was renamed as Mid-Valley Rehabilitation to reflect this breadth of services.

If you would like to get involved with MV Advancements there are several ways you can volunteer or give. Their volunteer program has three tiers with different aims. Ambassadors who work to increase their network in the community. Mission volunteers spend time regularly engaging with MV Advancements through tailor-made experiences. Finally, Legacy volunteers who give one on one interaction with supported individuals. Volunteers are also needed for instructing or assisting, reading tutors or those willing to participate in a scheduled reading time with active listeners, chaperones, or simply people to help organize and support fundraising efforts and community events. If you are interested in volunteering, donating or assisting in any way we encourage you to contact MV Advancements.

MV Advancements has recently pitched their expansion plan with the hopes of better being able to serve our community as well as others in need. Good luck MV Advancements, we look forward to hearing about what you’ll be doing next.