Who We Are

At the Dallas Chamber, we believe that the whole community thrives when the business community is healthy.

Our mission

We help business people in our community innovate, grow and make the Salem area a great place to live.

Our vision

Being a member of the Dallas Chamber gives you someone in your corner, cheering for your success, fighting for your interests, reminding you why you love what you do.

Scope of work

Our work revolves around three pathways:

Advocacy – Communities depend on strong economies in order to thrive. As the positive voice for business with government, we have your back when it comes to making sure public policy issues have a positive impact on your business.

Involvement – By building relationships and developing leadership skills in youth and adults, we ensure that we get highly-qualified individuals serving in the community, which creates a higher quality of life where business can thrive.

Visibility – All businesses rely on customers to keep their doors open. Attracting customers is one of the biggest challenges a business will face. We work to promote local businesses, keeping our community and economy strong.