Dallas Downtown Association

Dallas Chamber of Commerce is pleased to welcome our new member, Dallas Downtown Association!

The Dallas Downtown Association, or DDA, exists to foster a vibrant downtown at the heart of our city. With beautiful buildings, safe and clean streets, and engaged business owners, Dallas has all the ingredients needed for thriving downtown district.

The Dallas Downtown Association works toward a revitalized downtown by sponsoring enhancements to the physical appearance of downtown such as murals reflecting Dallas history and the restored Blue Garden sign. Dallas Downtown Association also contributes with cleanup and landscape work on the downtown streetscape, and producing or contributing to special events designed to raise awareness and attract visitors to our historic downtown district.

The mission of the Dallas Downtown Association is to encourage and inspire the arts, restoration, economic vitality and community spirit in the historic downtown district.

The Dallas Downtown Association invites you to reflect on the importance of a vital, healthy downtown district. Our downtown was in the past and can be again the heart of our community. The benefits of revitalizing downtown Dallas are exciting to contemplate.

As the traditional symbol of our community, the downtown district not only expresses our history but also speaks to our potential. As the central core of Dallas, our downtown should welcome and nurture retail businesses and help reinvest revenue from those businesses back into our community.

Increasing the availability of goods and services downtown will in turn attract visitors and increase foot traffic, giving citizens and visitors a shared place to congregate. The creation and retention of new jobs in downtown Dallas will reflect positively on our community’s image and give a boost to property values as well.

The Dallas Downtown Association is a key player in promoting a vital, active downtown in Dallas. Being a DDA member offers numerous benefits. This includes a powerful voice in Dallas’ downtown revitalization, and downtown networking opportunities. Marketing opportunities through Dallas Downtown Association social medial exposure. You receive first access to DDA events, sponsorship opportunities, and participation in promotions. They encourage members to participate in planning specific to downtown projects, with opportunities to attend Oregon Main Street training events and workshops at a free or reduced rate.

They welcome anyone who shares their passion to renew and re-energize downtown Dallas!