President 2022

Sam Dufner
West Valley Taphouse, Owner/Manager/Designated Beer Nerd
My Goals on the board are to help develop the business community in Dallas, and help that business community benefit the community at large.
I am also the Past President of the Dallas Area Visitors Center

Vice President

Sarah Owre
HomeSmart Realty Group – Dallas, OR – Broker/Realtor
Born and raised in Dallas and now a current business owner, Dallas holds a special place in my heart.  I desire to help the Dallas businesses and community thrive, making our town a vibrant community for residents and business owners that serve them!
Board Director for PCAR (Polk County Association of Realtors),  Community Volunteer,  Faith Christian School Volunteer.

Past President 2020-21

Lisa Preston
Manager of Quench
I’m on the board because I love our great town and love supporting our local community. I firmly believe in entrepreneurship and grew up learning my family’s business. I know all about the blood sweat and tears that go into all that’s done and I want to support the hard working men and women in our community that have dreams, goals and roots in our hometown. It’s mainly our local businesses that support our community, not majorly the corporate owned businesses.


Shawn Shukle
Realtor with Coho Realty

I’m a relative newcomer to Dallas – my husband, Kevin and I moved here almost 5 years ago from our longtime home, Spokane Washington. Besides being a wife, mother, and Nana – I am also a REALTOR with Coho Realty. Coho has two offices – one in Salem and the other in Independence. I specialize in the Dallas area and work out of the Independence office – or home – whichever has more coffee!!

I’m excited about this new adventure and my new duties as a Dallas Chamber Board Member. I want to be more involved in our business community here in Dallas. I love our town and want to see positive growth with those who are newcomers like me and those that have called Dallas their home their entire lives. I believe we are going through some growing pains – but with a positive attitude and hard work we will become healthier and happier as a community!!

Ex-Officio, DDA

Jake Stamas 
Vice President & Branch Manager of Citizens Bank Dallas Branch
I am on the board to help support the local business community using my finance expertise.
I’m the President Elect Nominee of our local Rotary Club and a Past President of the Dallas Area Visitors Center.

Public Policy Chair

Zachary Steele
Farmers Insurance- Zachary Steele Agency- Owner
I decided to serve on the Board of the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce to help build a more business friendly Dallas.  As the Chair of the Public Policy Committee, I strive to be the eyes and ears for small business owners when it comes to legislation and policy change. The Chamber is a great resource and can serve as a watchdog and education to help.
Member of Lyon Lodge #29 AFAM of Oregon. Chamber Public Policy Committee Chair. Serve on the Board of the East West Shrine All Star Football Committee. Al Kader Shriners Member


Mark Brehm
Co-owner Main Street Emporium
As a resident of Dallas, and an owner of a downtown business, it is my desire to see Dallas truly embrace our growing business community. The more the Dallas community patronizes and supports our local businesses, the more of a draw Dallas will be for other businesses. During my service on the two referenced boards I will do all I can to work towards that end.
I currently serve on the DACC Board as an ex-officio member, representing the DDA Board of Directors.

City of Dallas Rep. (ex-officio)

Charlie Mitchell
City of Dallas, Economic and Community Development Director
I am serving as an ex officio member to promote and encourage collaboration between our local civic organizations creating a stronger community.

Dallas School District Rep. (ex-officio)

Bill Masai
Educator and Athletic Coach – Dallas School District
Ex Officio member of the Board as a representative of the School District, to build relationships between business and education, to allow the school district to better serve its community.

Shana Reilly-Pond

Shana Reilly-Pond was appointed to our board mid-2021 and has been a great addition. Shana is the branch manager of Columbia Bank and, though new to Dallas, loves being involved in the community

Michelle Garber

Michelle Garber with Landmark Professional Mortgage has had over 30 years of professional experience and would like to share that with our community through education and events. Michelle would especially like involved in community fundraising.

David Shein

David Shein headshot


David Shein was a founding member of the Dallas Downtown Association and has served on numerous boards and committees including the Charter Committee, the Urban Renewal Advisory committee and the City Council. He is presently a member of the city Budget Committee and President of the Planning Commission.  David moved to Dallas 20 years ago and wishes it had been sooner; he is deeply committed to leaving our kids and grand kids a community that is the best it can be.