Washington Street Bar & Grill

This week I had lunch with a few colleagues at Washington Street Steakhouse & Pub… again. 
Every time I go in there, I feel like I made a new friend, and I get to eat something delicious. Established in 1999 they have created a hometown environment with separate family dining and a full-service pub. Washington Street welcomes new guests and loyal customers alike; treating them as if they are family. These folks go the extra mile and provide a wonderful place to take a load off and boost the serotonin level with all that tasty goodness and friendly atmosphere.  What more can a foodie ask for? 

“We used to live in Dallas so when we are in town we always stop here for food and drinks. On the weekends they serve a FANTASTIC smoked prime rib dinner. If you are lucky you can get prime and eggs in the mornings after.

The girls in the bar always remember us even though we only get over there maybe once or twice a year! Excellent service from almost all of the servers.”
“My wife and I were greeted by a young lady named Jody, she ensured we got a booth, brought our drinks promptly, and was just a great person to talk with. Her bright and bubbly personality made our meal great. Thanks for a great time. I will tell my friends about your service and food!”
Thank you Washington Street Bar & Grill team. We think you’re pretty awesome!

Grandma’s Attic

Many of us have passed by the quaint little brick building located on Court St, but how many of us have stepped inside? Well, as April 1st was not only Easter and April Fools Day, but International Tatting Day I felt that it was time we talked about one of our landmark residents.  And no that’s doesn’t necessarily mean everyone gets a tattoo.  It’s for all things needlepoint.

Grandma’s Attic takes us on a trip back in time to when our Grandmothers all gathered around quilting frames and created beautiful family heirlooms. Grandma’s Attic was founded in 1994 with a mission to provide quality quilting and sewing products that help continue the unique traditions and connections of our ancestors that tie us to our history, our family, and to causes of women around the world. Not content to let that history disappear Grandma’s Attic offers classes for everyone; from the beginners to the historians.

What makes Grandma’s Attic unique is their customer service and extensive knowledge. Grandma Rachel has dedicated her life working with and learning the role of textiles in women’s lives throughout history. Grandma Rachel is always willing to share the wealth of knowledge that she has accumulated. She believes strongly in caring over personal customer service to her online clients as well and encourages them to call with any questions or concerns they might have.

Grandma’s Attic is proud to reside in the Dallas community with its deep roots to the 19th Century Pioneers of the West. They share with their customers the history of our area; from the end of the Applegate Trail to the origins of our historical Polk County Courthouse.

Happy International Tatting Day Grandma’s Attic!

Dallas Retirement Village

Dallas Retirement Village first started in 1947 when a small church bought a small yellow house to serve as a care center for aging adults. Originally it was called Dallas Home for the Aged, but when they opened an independent living apartment in 1995 it came to be called the name we know, Dallas Retirement Village. They have continued to grow around the needs of the community and recently opened The Lodge Residences, and Clubhouse in 2017. Just in time to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

Staying true to their roots as a charitable mission designed to serve the needs of the seniors, they have remained a not-for-profit community. Their mission remains; to provide a continuum of quality services and care to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of their residents with dignity and respect.

Dallas Retirement Village does not restrict this mission statement to just our senior citizens though. Currently they are offering regular courses such as the ongoing CNA course designed to meet the current demands. Annually they award a scholarship designed to encourage employees and students to continue working to improve in their professional field.

Their team of compassionate employees also reflect this vision. If you like coffee and have lived in Dallas for any amount of time, you know this face, Mary Sue Schroeder. Mary Sue was the manager of the first Starbucks to grace Dallas. She kept everyone smiling and caffeinated for 10 years working at the Starbucks located inside Safeway. If you have been missing this smiling face, you now know where to find her! She’s making her delicious drinks at The Lodge. She is an excellent asset to the already amazing team at Dallas Retirement Village.

On behalf of our community, thank you Dallas Retirement Village.

West Valley Hospital

Did you know that Salem Health – West Valley is an award-winning hospital?  It’s true, they were named to the Statesman Journal’s 2017 Best of the Mid-Valley Gold Winner. For the second year in a row they received the yearly Top Performer Award by the MBQIP for reporting top quality performance.

They have offered tremendous services in health fields we have needed in our community for more than a century when it was first founded in 1907. Salem Health works with Polk County Public Health, Capitol Dental, and Polk County Behavioral Health to provide care and access to students in the Central School District. They further that community spirit by providing a Service Integration program to match families in need with local resources.

One patient said “They have gone out of their way to see to my comfort and care. The nurses, the x-ray techs, the phlebotomy staff, all helpful, gentle and kind.”  Next time you need them, take comfort in knowing you’re in good hands at Salem Health – West Valley Hospital.

Another patient told us “The staff is amazing, and goes above and beyond. My daughter ultrasound pictures were stolen during and move. When we went to have an ultrasound for our second child I asked the Imagist if they was anyway to recover them. Before I left she had printed out the two that she could find and emailed me the rest later. I didn’t really expect anything but she went above and beyond to help recover family memories.”

Way to go West Valley Hospital.  Way. To. Go.

A Car Lot that Gives Back

Most people, when they think of a car lot, don’t think of a community investor.  But we see that in one of our own.  When asked how does a vehicle sales and service company view themselves for community work, Mid Valley Ford’s general manager said, “This community matters and we want to do our part make sure that Dallas is taken care of.”  They involve themselves in giving back to the community through taking care of veterans, involvement in engagement groups and non-profits, as well as making sure they have the lowest priced vehicles in the valley.  In the auto business, as with any other business, it’s a tough thing to break away from the office to do things like be on a board, be a rotarian or meet just to help out on a project for a non-profit.  But Mid Valley Ford finds that to be a priority.  Often folks find that the staff will bend over backwards to make sure the customer finds what they need.  Stop by and see them sometime.  Yes, they have good vehicles.  They also what to connect to you because you are this community and this community matters in the mind of this Dallas business.

The Future Starts Now

Ever look back and think about the things you should have done? What life could have been like if you or someone else would have done something differently? Well STOP IT! Someone recently spoke to me in a way that I needed to hear. He said “Quit playing the blame game, it kills progress in life. Blame lives in the past and keeps you from accomplishing your best future when you’re living in the past.” Blaming one’s self or others will accomplish nothing to reach goals for the future.

When a martial artist breaks a board his or her focus is not on the board, rather he focuses past the board or through the board. It is the same when we are seeking to accomplish a task of any magnitude. When we encounter struggles of many kinds we must not focus on the issue at hand but continue to focus on the goal. 

So in our pursuits, we must continue to keep the focus of our mind’s eye on the prize to which we’ve committed. Be committed, get there, ‘break through the board’!  As every corporate trainer or motivational speaker has spoken at some point, ‘plan the work, work the plan’.