Avoiding Cain and Abel Probates

At last week’s Wake Up Wednesday Stan Butterfield announced some exciting news. Butterfield chose this meeting to launch his new book titled “Avoiding Cain and Abel Probates” The local attorney told the gathering that it is hard to find a family that has not had a fight over a will or something as seemingly innocuous as who will get Grandma’s cookie jar. Butterfield wrote the book to help families pan and prepare in such a way that these kinds of fights never start in the first place. Butterfield said, “The number of families that have become fractured or estranged by inheritance fights is staggering.”

The book draws on Butterfield’s own family experiences, as well as conflicts he has observed during the course of his legal career. The book focuses on the idea that the sentimental personal property that is left behind is usually the reason for these fights; no money as most people expect. Butterfield emphasizes the importance of people taking the time to designate who will receive particular pieces of personal property, a part of estate planning that, according to Butterfield, is often just glossed over.

The attendees learned that the book is short, and written as a layman’s self-help guide to assist people in making the most of estate planning they have already completed or to be more knowledgeable when they sit down with an estate planning attorney for the very first time.

Butterfield is in private practice in Dallas and his firm focuses on elder law, which includes such areas as estate planning, probate, guardianships and conservatorships. Butterfield is well known in Polk County as the former elected District Attorney and currently serves as the Independence Municipal Court Judge.

The book is published by Scissorbill Books and is distributed by Kindle Direct Publishing a division of Amazon Books. “Avoiding Cain and Abel Probates” is available both in paperback and ebook, and can be purchased through Amazon.

“You have the power to keep you family from fighting over your estate!

Families fighting over estates; it’s so common that it is hard to find someone who has not been impacted by these types of conflicts. Hurt feelings, estrangement, and alienation of family members often happen after an estate fight in a family that previously was close and harmonious.

In this book you will learn:

  • Why these estate fights occur
  • How the right kind of estate planning prevents fights
  • How to anticipate conflicts and nip them in the bud
  • How to turn potential fights into opportunities to express love
  • What can be done to strengthen family ties with your estate

Keep your family from fighting – buy this book today!”